Chloe K.

Gun Control: A Serious Problem

Gun control has been a serious problem for years and it is time to end it. With simple solutions such as background checks, we can make this world, or at least the nation, a better place.

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you about a very important issue that we need to fix and can no longer ignore. One day at my school we had a lockdown, everyone was scared because someone might be on campus ready to shoot us with a gun that they probably illegal for them to have. We did what we practiced and locked all the doors and windows, minutes later the police department came and took control of the situation. Luckily it was a fake call. While no one was hurt physically the emotional damage was already done. This anonymous caller left people crying and many worried parents desperately calling their children. In the end, it worked out fine and was forgotten, but this event left me thinking if some random person can call the school and threaten people and possibly scar them emotionally what would stop someone from actually coming on campus and recreating the Columbine high school shooting. So I did my research and was disappointed at what I saw as far as gun laws. If you were to buy a rifle all you would need is a license, but no background check. This I was sure was necessary. This meant that some disguised criminal could just walk up and buy a gun? This isn't right, which is why we need to fix it.

With more research, I stumbled along these facts. Did you know that on an average day 91 people are killed by guns, and did you ever think about that seven children and teens are killed by guns in the U.S every day. After digging into more of these facts I actually found some good news though like background checks. They have blocked nearly 3 million gun sales to prohibited people. And it's not just gun violence to other people is the problem, but gun violence to yourself is a major problem too. I am talking about suicide. About 3,000 people worldwide commit suicide a day, and if we took a population of 100,000 people 21,334 people would commit suicide using a gun. This may seem hopeless as far as creating a solution that if effective to everyone. Usually, when people don’t want their gun rights taken away they mention the second amendment or the right to bear arms. But quite honestly the 2nd amendment was put in place when we were trying to defend ourselves against the British and every person was expected to be ready to defend himself.

Another thing is that if we were to restrict guns or create laws to limit them that would not be interfering with the second amendment. We aren’t taking guns away we are just making them harder to get for criminals and murderers and people with suicidal thoughts that are ready to take action if you really need a gun you would have to put up a good reason to get it, and you should have to pass a background check and some follow up questions. For example, What do you plan to use this gun for? Or have people sign a contract. Stating that they won't harm themselves or others with the gun.

These are just some solutions that an eighth grader came up with. As a mature grown adult, along with Congress and the Senate, you should be able to come up with some pretty good solutions for this issue. You are the next president and millions of Americans are counting on you solve our problems and like your campaign slogan said: "Make America Great Again." I am not asking you for a lot just to consider or even just think about ways to solve this issue. It means a lot for whatever you do.

Thank you Mr. Trump,