Jane California

Saving our Ocean

Please help us save our ocean and aquatic life

Dear next president,

Though there are many problems worldwide, we should be narrowing down our attention towards the ocean.

Various and nonstop pollution is continuously entering our ocean and therefore, is resulting in the death of aquatic creatures and the murkiness of the water. Wastes such as plastic items are what end up floating around in the ocean and while also deriving the lives of many sea creatures.

Many people love the beach, but when it comes to the serious matters of the ocean and aquatic life, everyone seems to not be as interested or worried at all. Think about it this way, if we were to all ignore the pollution in the ocean, what would eventually happen? What about all of the sea creatures that once lived in the ocean until it got invaded with trash?

From the satisfaction we get by going to the beach, the breeze that blows by, the sea creatures that live in the water that people admire, and the glistening view of the ocean at a sunset, the least we can all do in return for such an experience is to protect it. Whether it is trash pick up or any other simple act of kindness, we can all protect the ocean and aquatic life in the long run. All it takes, is a little bit of effort.

From my experience, there are many beaches with a beautiful, crystal clear ocean. However, 90% of the beaches that I have been to have oceans with bottles, bags of snacks, etc floating around. These various trashes all begin from land, but when it comes to the carelessness of many people, they don't mind that it ends up in the ocean and therefore, affecting the life in it. Why should these sea creatures suffer from the carelessness of human beings?

You, as the next president, can solve this problem as well. Two Australian men, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, have already taken action into inventing what they call the 'Seabin.' Their invention was successfully funded by Indiegogo and it sucks the garbage in, while filtering clean water back out without hurting the sea creatures. Now, you may think that the fish would get sucked in along with the garbage as well, but these fish stay away from the top of the bin and remain underwater. Though their invention may not catch all of the garbage yet, both hope to expand their invention so that they can save marine life. Inventions like these can save our ocean; it just needs support from people who care for the ocean as much as they do, and you, as the next president, can change the conditions of our oceans. 

So please, do something that would protect the aquatic life and keep our ocean clean. Bring ocean life to attention and raise awareness as to how important this is for the present and the future. There won't be anything to enjoy if we can't begin by preserving and treasuring it. 


Jane Luangwilai