September 29, 2016 Dear Future President, In the United States, racial inequality and unfairness is one of our biggest issues today. Yes, black lives matter, but so do the rest of the lives in the US. Everyone is equal and should be treated as equals. This situation is getting out of hand. Police brutality is only part of the matter. People believe that white cops have been too brutal or are the cause of the majority of the black deaths. Data shows that the most of the black homicide victims are killed by other blacks. Police are being brutal, but to more people than just blacks. White people and many other races are victims of police brutality, too. But still, riots are taking place and they’re becoming violent. This is only causing more and more problems and deaths in the US. Shootings and deaths have increased all over, and this includes police officers and civilians. There are more white men killed by cops than there are black men, but people look past that. Facts don’t matter. No matter what people argue, it’s very slim that they would listen. When people think of police brutality, they think of all police in general. There are bad policemen in this world, but there are several cops that have a better attitude. You can’t see one thing and recognize it as all. No one is the same as another. People are judging these policemen based on what they see from the cruel and brutal people on the streets. This situation needs to be handled as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Olivia

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