Naomi Illinois

Racism, Police Distrust, And Violence...

America was never great... Please heal this Nation.

Essentially, at my age... I'm still unsure why things are the way are. I don't understand the reality we leave in. I'm afraid that there's people out there... who hate me because I'm black. That there are systems aligned for me to fail in life, and there's a chance out there... where I, as a black kid, could be murdered for no reason, and that most likely there would be no justice for me. I'm scared. I am afraid of all these issues and events occurring in our nation. I'm hoping that you, Mrs./Mr. President, that you can fix and heal our worlds. I've come to the conclusion that this nation was never great. In the end I've lost hope; I feel I don't know anything. I don't mean to sound cynical, but this election is now known as the worst election in American history. 

Though many people dispise you and your past relations in politics but I believe in you Mrs. Clinton, I believe you can help make things better for everyone. From what I learned about you and those you worked with I think you can do it! As for you Mr. Trump... I don't know what exactly what you're getting out of this besides a good laugh and a HaHa! to those that doubted you, I get that but... this isn't funny anymore it's serious and you're no where near ready nor suitable to be our president. It's scary Sir... that you're bringing out all the hate in the country, the racist, and the violent people ARE YOUR supporters with backward veiws. Just hope you know that.  

In the end I'll be about 19 in 4 years when I'm ready for voting and what not, and I'll be 26 when all this blows over... I hope it does anyway. So Mrs./Mr. President, I hope you build the trust back into our communitites, devolpe a good gun control plan, and bring this nation together little by little.