Skyler Minnesota

Gun Control

In this letter I express my concern for gun control.

Dear Future President,

First off congratulations on becoming the 45th president. As president there will be done of issues you’ll deal with. As the youth of America there are some concern I have.

All Americans should be given a background check before owning a gun. Nobody ever question where the gun is going? Who's going to be in the house the gun is going to? And if the person is of age of owning a gun? Gun related crimes are going up in the years because of how easy it is to access a gun and who the gun is going to.

According to there are 270 million guns owned by civilians and only 897,000 are owned by police. The guns are accessed through loopholes on the internet, the firearms are put up on black market or even simple place such as E'bay, buyers put them on sale and bidders bid and once the winner is announced the heavy armed machine is sent out with no questions asked.

Many gun related crimes are mass shootings. Nancy Lanza illegally bought guns and her son Adam Lanza, who had mental illness problems, took those guns and went to Sandy Hook Elementary school and shot 20 kids between the ages of 6-7 years old. Why is that kids and should be scared to go to school and parents should be scared to send their kids to school because of the actions of others? Future president, why should lives be lost because weapons are so easily obtainable?

There needs to more done. Background checks should be given before a gun is sold, as well as making sure that the gun is going nowhere and cannot be taken or played with if a child or mentally ill person is in the home.

All Americans need background checks before owning a gun. It would lessen gun related crimes and decrease the chances of a mass shooting, as well closing down all black markets. So dear Future President, what are you going to do so mothers and fathers don’t feel scared sending their kids to school? So a mentally ill person has easy access to a gun and could harm others or themselves? Something has to happen, Future President.


Skyler Kaess, 10th grader

Mendota Heights, Minnesota 

Henry Sibley High School


Ms. Imm's American Lit classes

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