Ethan K. Minnesota

School Cafeteria Food

Dear Future President, Michelle Obama changed the menus to grains and low sodium, but what good is it bringing If students are getting the food but throwing it away as they exit the cafeteria? “There are many students all over the country who skip out on their lunch and that was not the purpose for Michelle Obama’s project” (Emily 1). All over the US the schools are struggling with the food because Michelle Obama gave all the schools whole grain, low sodium meals and most kids just throw it away. Also, our whole country needs better food so kids don’t starve. I believe school cafeteria food should be a priority of our future president because students should get full meals so it doesn’t affect the student’s education and that they don’t starve. The issue in our country is that schools are not giving full or good meals to the students. They have an issue of food in the cafeteria at schools causing failure in education and starvation which leads to not feeling good. The changes the first lady, Michelle Obama, put into effect with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act in 2010 which has led students to complain and react in rebellious manner by throwing out today’s school lunches (Cite). It matters because kids are not eating and it affects the education and how kids succeed. Secondly, students have not been able to get most of their nutrition due to Michelle Obama’s healthier food. Schools have been following through with giving more than 80 percent of the grains and limiting the sodium given to each student. It matters because kids need their grains to stay awake throughout the day. That the next president should improve the school cafeteria lunches. Some kids might think that the cafeteria’s at school are great and provide nutritious meals and that they fill us up or actually taste good. About 80% of students think that the school lunches need improvement and the other 20% think they are good (Cite). However, students who are new to school and have only known of the menu set by Mrs. Obama would agree that the cafeteria food could still use improvement. It matters because most kids need good meals to give them through the day. The next president should take school lunches into consideration and make them better. The next president should put the school lunches back to normal and make it just a little healthier. The global goal it relates to the most is Education because the schools lunches affect some students learning and education. Sincerely, Ethan K.

The next president should take this into consideration.

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