Mai N. Minnesota

College Tuition & Education

College tuition expensive should be lower and build a better education system.

 Dear Mr/Madam President,

College tuition should lower the costs because is too expensive and too stressful for students to able to pay back. And make or to support to all the state's government to build or to help to build a better education system for all students to access knowledge in school for the future without having to struggle or to worry about paying tuition back at them.

Today tuition has changed a lot since the 20th century. Since the 20th century, the private tuition increased three times higher and the public tuition cost four times higher, since then (New York Times) not many young adults nor students can not afford to go to colleges, if they do, probably some couldn’t be able to graduate from college. The higher education students want, the more they have to end up paying more back. And every families and student starting off on an independent life have to work and trying to pay back their tuition, each and every year they paying more deeper back just to finished off with their debts and tuition.

The democrats Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders had a proposal to help the college tuition and aim to help students finish four years of college without having college tuition. And they planned to make free tuition for all undergraduate students at the public institution. Also, they will allow borrowing to refinance students loans at a lower interest rate. And giving more money on higher education to reduced expenses but they did not say any lower expense (New York Times).

Education can have enormous personal benefits for those who acquire it, but it also has external benefits to the rest of society, because education is both individual and public concern (New York times). For students having high educating or some lacking educating can be able to have a chance to make the future better and stronger with the strength benefits to make education stay stable.

In my own personal perspective why I think college tuition should costs less, because in two years after I graduate, I’m planning on going to college to find more of what’s interests for me to learn. Going to college to use all the knowledge and academics I know or learn even if I have some lacking knowledge in me and be able to access using my strength in education. So, I could go to college without worrying about the expenses instead worrying about the academic grades. The future after college I could able to start an independent life to use my own academics sources to help others and me. I’m pretty sure other feels or thinks what I feel and thinks.

Conclusion, college tuition should cost to less, the expenses are too much stress for students to afford to pay back. Helping the United States education system stay stable and healthy by leading more students to a higher educate. Thank you, for your time letting me discuss my topic with you Mr/Mrs. Next President.


MaiNout Yang

10th Grade, Central High School