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Cost of College

The cost of college is too expensive and needs to be more affordable to middle class citizens

One of the most controversial issues in our country, has to do with the cost of college. For years the cost of college has increased due to higher enrollment. This issue effects everyone who cannot afford college and creating a divide between the rich and the poor. It's necessary to keep college affordable because more jobs are requiring college degrees and the fear of high debt keeps people from attending college.

We are in a different day and age. A high school diploma is no longer acceptable to attain a well-paying job with high status and prestige. A projection by Georgetown University predicts that "in 2018 approximately 63% of jobs will require some college education or a degree." (ProCon) If we chose to continue to ignore the high prices of college, many Americans will lose hope on ever being able to attend college and a trend will start to take place. America could potentially fall behind in academics, creating a divide between America and other countries.

Even though the cost college is expensive, that just one of the multiple problems that college students face. The cost of College should be reduced because many Americans don't go to college due to the fear of debt and the possible stress that could arise from college fees. One statistic shows that "only 66% of students with parents very concerned about finances applied to college." (Pumphrey) The evidence displays a direct negative impact on the future of people. Since the cost is higher, it sends a message saying that only higher class citizens go to college. To families that cannot afford college as easily as others can, their future comes to a halt as their child takes a less paying job just to get by.

On the contrary, people argued that they do not want an increase in taxes to pay for other people to go to college.One of the most rising questions People ask, is why do we have to pay more taxes for a free or reduced college that my kid doesn't go to? As more people go to college, "Enrollments will also increase, further multiplying the cost of free college." (Kelly) The more people who can afford to go to college will benefit now to make our country better, whether it's increasing our development in technology or the standard of living, in the future, the benefits of a free college outweigh the potential high taxes. Many people believe that college could never be free, but " The Morrill Act of 1862 enabled land-grant colleges to be created by states on federal lands so that higher education could become available to Americans in every social class." (Trade-School) The fact that free college education was achieved in the past means that we can achieve it again.

Although the cost of college is potentially the most controversial issue in this modern day and age, earning a college degree is an enormous step for people who are seeking to achieve the American Dream. If nothing is done about the expensive college costs it will keep people from going to college as well as earning a college degree to obtain a well-paying job. I encourage you to take action and to help the millions of college kids be able to afford college.

MHS English - Reidy

En 10 - 4th Period

Mr. Hager & Mrs. Reidy's 3rd Period 10th Grade English Class.

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