Kelsey M. Minnesota

schooling and how much work gets put into it

Students and the amount of homework they are getting and how it is effcting there lifes outside of school, and there metal health

Dear Future President,

First of congratulations on winning the election, and I hope your time as a president is good. I'm writing this letter to bring to your attention on how much work students put into school work and how with all this work it is affecting their personal life and also in some cases there mental health.

I am a student at Henry Sibley High School. I am in 10th grade. On average I would say I study or do homework for about two and a half hours. Also on top of that i go to school for 7 hours a day five days out of the week. I also sometimes have to do homework on the weekend, by me having to do homework on the weekend is taking time away from me when I could be doing something with my sister. By having to go to school 7 hours a day and five days a week and having to study for two and a half hours I barely have anytime for myself.

My side of the argument would be that students have lives outside of school by having us do all this homework thats due by a certain time and on top of that studying that we gotta do so we can pass tests and pass the classes. With all of this going on it puts a lot of pressure on us. With all this pressure on us to do good and get good grades starts to put more stress on top of us when some students are already stressed out and with all this stress it slowly starts to affected are health.

This is an issue today because in the last few years studies are showing that students are getting anxiety. If students are getting anxiety from school it's a way of telling us that students might be having too much homework. Another thing is that everyone is looking at you and judging you by your grades and the scores you get on test but really some people might not be able to focus in class, got problems going on outside of school, and when they test maybe they start to feel pressured with taking the test and they end up not being able to focus and may forget some of the stuff on the test.

Studies are saying that even a 3rd grader is getting three times the amount of homework they should be getting. So if a 3rd grader is getting three times the amount of homework they should be getting then just think how much more homework a high schooler is getting then what they should be getting. Other studies are showing that students in high school are having higher anxiety rates then they have ever had.

One solution for this problem would be is that students should have later start times, around the time 9:30-10:00 because this way students will have gotten enough sleep at night and will be able to focus in their classes better. Another solution would be that students can only get like one sheet of homework per class each day or we should have longer periods to finish homework/other assessments such as all assignments must be do at the end of the week by the time the school day is over.

Sincerely, Kelsey M