Griffin L. Michigan

Wage Gap In America

Wage Gap

Wage Gap in America

Dear future President,

My name is Griffin Leslie and I’m a student at Saline High School. There are obviously some problems concerning wage gap in America, and this could greatly impact my future as a hard worker. As a woman, I should be paid equally as a man. It shouldn’t matter what my gender is, if I’m a hard worker, I should be paid equally as everyone else in the workforce. This is the time to change the problems in society and we should start with this one. 

According to, “Women who work full time, year round in the United States were paid only 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts in 2015.” Women are not getting paid equally for what they’re working for, and it’s unfair. “The 80 cent figure reflects the many discriminatory barriers to equal pay—including lower pay for women in the same job; the overrepresentation of women in lower-paying jobs and the underrepresentation of women in higher-paying, nontraditional jobs; bias against women with caregiving responsibilities; and lack of workplace policies to allow workers to care for families without paying a stiff economic penalty. The 80 cent figure demonstrates just how strongly these many factors impact the economic security of women workers.” Women are not getting representation in the right areas, and this is affecting pay. 

A solution to this problem could be to give women the right representation in the workforce they’re in. Most women are not getting paid equally because people don’t know how to pay them. Giving the right title or representation can help with fair pay. Companies and job facilities also need to realize caregiving responsibilities some women have without making them pay a penalty. In conclusion, women need equal pay for the same amount of work, because of obvious reasons. If women are working hard, they deserve equal pay.


Griffin Leslie