Alex D. Michigan

Refuge problem


Dear, Mr/Ms.President

We are currently having a crisis with our refugee camps where people are pouring in uncounted for and we do not even care who comes in. ISIS has been smuggling their people and has been quoted saying "'We will use the crisis to infiltrate west'". We have no control over there and people in America are suffering dearly because of this.  

In the last few years we have been "helping the problem" in the middle east where isis is taking over. All we do is take in refugees uncontrollably. By doing that we are not relay helping them, its like we just put a bandaid on a wound that is gushing out blood. We can stop isis and fix the crisis but we are just staying here taking in refugees.The only country outside of the middle east actively trying to stop isis is Russia. They a doing airstrikes that for the most part is targeting isis. We are just staying here not doing anything there but were just taking in refugees which is enabling isis to sneak in their own people through the camps.  

When you become president how will you stop the refugee crisis and how will you combat isis. I think that we should stop taking refugees or at least not a much we are now until we are able to see who is coming into the camps and entering our country and or destroy isis.