President Letter Michigan

Letter to President

Letter to the President about equal rights on how women and men should be treated the same.

It has been addressed to my attention that in the world today women are ended up to be treated unfairly compared to men. Due to the differences happening, it is important we try and find a way to overcome these and make a change. There are multiple reasons on how men and women differ but to focus on a two major categories is how society deals with women and the issues of rape and how women and men get an unequal paying jobs.

To begin, in the world the issue of rape has been a sensitive topic for all, but it mostly is for women. Women tend to be the victims of rape and sexual assault more than men. In the U.S women have a higher chance of domestic violence, so that means men do the crime while more women are being the victims of these violations. It has been said that "Women these days wear tight clothes like jeans, kurtas and short tops," Chandrakanth said, adding that this was leading to rise in rape cases according to But this is not what women are asking for when they wear tight shirts or pants, they wear it because they like them, not for the pleasure of men. Women are not objects to satisfy men's needs, they are people and some men in this world need to understand that concept. It doesn't matter if they wear revealing clothes, This Research shows that women who, “As of 1998, an estimated 17.7 million American women had been victims of attempted or completed rape.” compared to men who,” As of 1998, 2.78 million men in the U.S. had been victims of attempted or completed rape.” according to This evidence shows a drastically gap between the numbers. Not meaning that men can't be the victims and women committing the crimes. But according to the evidence, women are mainly the victims. Women, in this society, need to be better respected and treated the same as men.

Second, jobs have different paying amounts, every job is different, but the ones that are the same doesn't mean that women and men can't get the same amount of money. The world today is either bias of gender, race, your actions etc….those shouldn't matter, it should matter if you are a hard worker and put in time and effort, but the work place thinks differently. Men are paid more than women over their lifetime, does it have to do with women working part time because they are taking care of kids or because they don't choose the higher, more secure jobs? No. Research shows that it does have to do with the race, education you have, and location. An example to show the substantial difference it notes that “between 2011 and 2014, a women earned $76 for every $100 that a man was paid”, according to the World Bank ( Even now it still hasn't gotten any better than it was before, even having women working full time. African Americans, American Indian and others have lower earnings than white women, and this is not fair at all. Women who devote their time and effort as much as men do in a job should get paid the same.

In conclusion, it's time that women and men need to start being treated equally. Equally meaning that women should start being recognized as people and not objects and getting an equal paying job. And that we should start and try to change the world into a better place.