Alvaluz M. Arizona

How Do We Protect Our Young People From Prescription Drugs?

This article is to inform our next president of the severity of the problem of prescription drugs.

Dear Mr. President/Mrs. President:

I am writing this letter to inform you about prescription drug abuse and heroin use among teens. Did you know that most of these drug cost $10 - $50 per dose. They say that millions of teens all over the world have or still are abusing of drugs. Teens don’t know what kind of harm they are doing to their bodies every time they use drugs and they still continue to do it, anyways.

I know a lot about this topic because this is something that is going on around me; all kinds of drugs are being used by teens of all ages and the drugs are very easy to get a hold of. You can find them everywhere; including, getting them from kids at school. This is a serious problem which affects everyone in and out of school. All it takes is one time and you can be hooked. Honestly that can be the worst thing that can happen. One of the types of drugs teens use is Oxycodone, Most of the time they just use to feel some type of high.

All types of people, including young adults harm themselves, some even overdose, and many end up broke and homeless, some even end up in jail. 52% abuse prescription drugs because they are available, 51% abuse them because they are not illegal drugs, according to Matthew Williams from the article K.D.Q.D Education.

I use to be friends with this really smart girl named Kim she was one of the best students and a couple of years ago she started smoking pot. She went to this party and ended up using pills that belonged to the parent of one other kid. She was hooked, and couldn’t control her habit. She started failing her classes, she didn’t care about anything expect the fact that she was now popping pills every chance she could. Her family tried to help but she refused their help, so she ran away. However during the next 4 years, and she cleaned up, finished school, and is now in college at the U of A. Not everyone is strong enough to clean up and turn around their lives like my friend did. This is why we need to take care of this issue.

I honestly think that no teens should ever have to use any kind of prescription drugs or heroin at all. This is the worst thing that can happen. I think we should stick together and figure out what we are going to do with this horrible situation that is affecting millions of teens all over the world.