Mario M. Arizona

Gun Violence

Gun Violence is too high.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Excuse me for interrupting your very busy schedule, but please, allow me to bring up a very serious subject in our country.

Gun violence is popping up nearly in every state and seems to be worsening over time. Even those with the authority to contain such weapons are abusing the second amendment to bear arms. We should really be aware of who these guns are issued to. A good idea would be to give psychological tests to people who are buying guns for personal use. Although we can’t just strip everyone’s gun from them, we do need to know for fact who’s handling these weapons. Before a cop is able to join the force, they’re required to take psychological tests in order to prove if they’re capable of such force.

According to a Daily Universe article (Passing a psychological exam before purchasing a gun?) Konrad Chan, of the Utah police department says “it’s important to make sure they are sane and mentally capable to handle firearms, if any signs of issues then to go ahead and take care of that before being issued a firearm.” Lately murders have had a lot to do with gang violence, though gun violence is often related to the crime. How are these gangs getting these guns? That seems to barely be the problem. This year alone, cops have murdered more armless people then gang related issues. So in all reality, are cops the modern gangs? These are only theories on the situation, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

In conclusion, could we stop the plague of these lead weapons, it's flooding our cites like a disease. We trust in you to help us in this time of need.


Mario Munoz