David G. Arizona

Climate Change

Climate Change is a problem that we need to address

Dear Next President,

Congratulations on winning the election, I acknowledge how much hard work and manipulation went into acquiring this powerful position. Hopefully you utilize this authority rationally with the welfare of the American people in mind when deciding upon important affairs.

One of these issues in which I hope you will find an ultimate solution to is the issue of climate change. Climate change is an extremely important issue that our country, if not, the world, is dealing with in this day in age. According to NASA, climate change and global warming is responsible for several anomalies in nature that are occurring right now. The earth’s temperature has risen 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880, right around the Industrial Revolution and the popularization of factories in several different countries. The sea level is continuously rising 3.4 mm per year, land ice decreases 281 gigatonnes per year, and carbon dioxide levels have risen drastically in the past decade, covering 404 parts per million. The numbers simply don’t lie, climate change is a prevalent problem in the world right now, and if the world cannot provide an answer to this problem, we, as humans, are at great risk.

As a person coming of voting age and being an active member of society, I’m curious to see the process in which you, or several other nations’ leaders, handle this dilemma and change our wasteful, and damaging ways of using fossil fuels and other nonrenewable resources . Hopefully, more scientific approaches to this problem would be ideal, and the congregation of the world's’ top scientific minds can produce a long-lasting solution to mend our current situation.

I hope that you will use your powers dutifully and responsibly by focusing major efforts in order to solve and restore our unbalanced environment.

Thank you,

David P3