Philip Pennsylvania

War On Drugs

The war on drugs is a problem that needs to find a answer soon, before it is to late.


Dear Future President,

I strongly believe in stopping the war on drugs. Drugs have taken away jobs, the people you love, lives, freedom, and even our children. This has been a problem for way to long, and it is time we put an end to it. How do you plan to enforce the border of Mexico? The answer is not the wall, so what can we do to stop drugs being transported here in the USA. Will you enforce more cops at the border? What will you do to stop this issue? Addicts. What treatment plans will you have for them, and how will you get people to join. Will you make said treatment plans free? How will you, the President, get the word out to the people, rich and poor, in America? I'm wondering, how you will stop the demand for drugs. Will you show the effects to drive people away. What methods will you use to drive children away from drugs? Will you make a cartoon, or have a classroom talk about drugs. How will you take power away from drug lords and dealers? Rounding them up in jail will be a challenging task, but can you do it. Please put more effort into removing drugs from the streets of cities and make a better future for our children.