Harmoni Lujan California

Animal Abuse

Dear Future President,

My name is Harmoni Lujan and I’ve been researching about, what makes people abuse animals? If you don’t know keep reading this letter. Have you ever seen an animal being abused by someone, if so I hope you tried to do something about it. Also if you haven’t you might someday so be ready to call someone important that can stop this. I’m just trying to stop or at least make less of animal cruelty because many people just get away with this crime.

Some people don’t realize what they are doing. They are just focused what's going on in there head. For example something bad could have happened in their life at the time and that's what's on their mind. Or they can be sad and decide to do something bad because it helps them. But can also be people with psychological problems and I'll talk more about that later. Abusing animals isn't just hurting animals, it can be putting your dog on a leash in pouring rain. Or people might forget to fill the food bowl or people also if people don’t clean and take good care of their animals. Some people just don’t realize it. I think people shouldn't just get away with crime like that. People need to look out more for this horrendous crime. It's crucial, sad, and awful to do this to innocent animals.

Causes of this are that people could have grown up with their guardians who abused animals. So it’s just what they are used to or what they were learning to do. It’s also caused by when people try different chemicals on animals. People want to stop the testing and make it illegal. Another cause could be when people fight their animals against each other for no reason or for money.

I think this affects animals in many different harmful ways. For example people abuse animals by kicking and other harmful ways. Which makes them get cuts and other wounds. Animals are mentally scared because they were getting hurt by people which means they’re more scared of people. My grandma and grandpa's dog hides under the couch because we think he was beat before they got him.

I read an article that said people should not abuse animals because we work together on earth. Also it said that even though animals can’t talk that we shouldn’t hurt them. Or just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean they don’t have feeling. Or some people say that it’s the kids. People don’t care because they’re kids, but they get it from whoever taught them.

Things that could help is that people can be more aware of what animal abuse is. The article talked about how I talked about people with psychological problems, they can get more help. Like they can have classes for them to calm down and talk about what is happening in their life. This is a better idea instead of just locking them up in cages. it’s not their fault that they need help and can’t help themselves. Also when they get locked up they don’t know what’s happening to them.

So I’m counting on you to help change this problem. This subject is important to me, and I would do anything to stop this. Please show the world how bad animal cruelty is bad. Also how much we need to stop it. 


Harmoni Lujan



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