Serena A. California

College Tuition

College, is it worth the money?

Dear Future President,

I would like inform you on a problem that is constantly talked abut in my community, college tuition. An average family makes a bout 3,030 dollars per month. How are we expected not to be in debt when a community college cost about 9,139 dollars per year and a university cost about 3895 dollars per year?

This is a huge problem in my community, Highland Park, because rent ranges from 1,395 dollars to 3,985 dollars per month and to buy a house cost ranges from 275k to 4,700,000 dollars per month. College tuition and house/apartment pricing are both equal pricing it is a struggle for some people to live off so little money; this then leads to homelessness which is a whole different story, that also needs to be fixed. Overall it would be great if you can at least cut the price of college tuition.


Serena A.