Jason V. California

Hispanic Citizen

A Hispanic's point of view during all the racism happening around America.

Dear, Mr/Ms president,

I am a American born Hispanic whose parents crossed the Mexican border illegally to come live a more better and opportunistic life in America. Things are getting crazy, with all the racism happening around the U.S.A. these days. I myself hasn't had any racist comments to me directly, but I know it happens everyday in America especially to us Hispanics. 

Luckily no racist comments have been made towards me. Yeah, I get racist jokes but i know there just trying to mess around with me. Well that's what I think. 

According to kff.org the US population of Hispanics is 18%. That's 56,872,700 Hispanics. But why is there so much hate towards us. Were all not drug lords, criminals, or rapist.

I never thought I would be experiencing what I have been in the past six months. So much racism not just to Hispanics but to everyone who skin color isn't white. All I ask for is for the next president to stop all the hatred across the US.

Sincerely, Jason V.