Hanah L. California

Pursuit of Higher Education

Need of funding for the education of future leaders

Dear Future President of the United States,

As a junior admitted in the United States public school system, I have spent the last sixteen years of my life preparing to leave the comfort of my parents' home and go to college.  Like myself, the growing future generation has invested their entire childhood into the hope of achieving a bachelor's degree and later pursuing a career that may require even higher education; however, the payment for such work is uncertain due to increasing tuition fees.

Just within the past five years, tuition of public universities have increased by 13%; yet, the limited amount of financial aid that is offered to students has not changed.  Why is it that the generation that is to lead the future has such little access to funding?  Less than 50% of the students who are to carry the future can afford to pursue higher education.  Each year, an average of 75% of high school seniors are accepted into their college of first-choice; however, over 20% of those graduates cannot afford to go to college simply because of the lack in money.  

There are multitudes of things that run on our country's tax dollars, but education should be among the top of them.  Why are billions of our tax dollars being used to fund a cause such as the immense criminal population within jails, while the rising next generation is being restrained from pursuing careers that may benefit our community simply due to the lack of funding?  These are problems that must be addressed during your presidency: questions regarding our country's future.


Hanah Lee