Nathan T. Indiana


I think this is so wrong and dumb.

        I care about this issue because it's wrong. If you don't want your child you should put it in adoption/foster care, and you should have thought about it before you did it.

       My suggestions about this is put the kid in adoption/foster care. When they go to the hospital the doctors should ask them if they want to keep their child, if they say no give them some paper work on the spot! If someone gets caught doing abortion they need to put them in jail because that counts as murder. If they don't want to do that, they should give them a fine, like $1000 fine. My opinion about this is its so wrong to kill your own child.

      Others should care about this because the future of American. If you know anyone that did this, you should tell them. Think about it, what if it was your child.

Sicerly, Nathan Tin

Nathan from Indidana