Sammy and Hayley Indiana

Women's Rights

Women should be allowed to have an equal right to men.

Dear Future President, 

With the problems that we face these days, women's rights aren't focused upon or fixed. It was the 1920s before women ever got the right to vote, even former slaves got to vote before women. They never got to do the things men everywhere did, they were to stay home and cook, clean, and take care of the house. A few decades ago there was a global women's rights treaty that was ratifies by the majority of the worlds nations. Today there are still issues women face, ranging from culture, politics, and economics. I believe there should be more equal rights for women with their jobs and opportunities. If you could just think about what you would do to change the way women are perceived it would be greatly appreciated. If you could change those issues it would be even better. 


Sammy and Hayley