Emily Indiana

College should be cheaper, but not free

If college was free, the value of degrees won't be the same at the value as they are now.

Dear Future President,

I don't think the United States should have debt-free college. If college were to be debt-free, there will be no excuse why someone can't get a higher education out of high school. If everyone is getting a degree, more businesses will require you to have a higher education. The problem with that is a lot of people are doing jobs that either don't require a degree or is not the same field as their degree, so you waste a lot of time and money. 

Since college is difficult and costs an outrageous amount of money, many drop out and end up wasting their money and the government's money. If you make tuition cheaper, the people that find out college just isn't for them won't waste nearly as much money and not have as much debt. The college professors don't need to be paid as much as they do. High school teachers teach 6-7 classes every day to students that a required to be there(which means you have students that are only there because of the law) which means there are quite a few there that don't want to learn so the teachers have to deal with those kids. They make between $40,000 and $70,000 a year depending on how big they school they teach in is and how many classes they teach. College professor gets paid more to than high school teachers and they could only teach a total of 3 classes a week to students that actually want to learn. The national average for professors is $114,000. If colleges pay the professors half the amount they get now, or even like high school teachers, tuition won't have to be as high.