Eric Indiana

Public Education

Education should be in every city in The United States of america

Dear future president ,

My name is Eric Rogers. I care about public education to make it better. I want to help kids have a better learning experience. Every kid should have an opportunity to get an education . No school should be better than an other one .

I belief that public education is essential for life. Some parents can't effort school. So they have to go to a lower class school, I don't think this is fair. Education should be the same in every school. Air conditioner is a important feature. If you are in a good mood you will do good in what ever you are doing. If you don't feel good you won't do good.

Every school ask for these things but not many get them. Money is not the problem. It is because they don't what to that's the problem. Every classroom in the USA should have desks chair or tables. If we work together as a country we can eliminate this problem.  


Eric Rogers