Myshell H. Indiana

Black Lives Matter

Racial injustice is a major issue.

Dear Future President,

I care about this issue because I'm African American and I think this a big issue. There has been numerous shootings of African Americans. 1,502 African Americans have been shot in the last months. These bare many reason why I care. African Americans are leading in deaths 

Most African Americans protest, but that's not working. The police officers end up getting violent or make a arrest. I suggest cops DO NOT pull out a gun unless the suspect has a gun. Also try to detain suspect in a orderly fashion. 

Other people should care because this is unfair. I feel this is a issue that hasn't been addressed because many feel it's unimportant. As president you should fix this issue, also make American fair. Many lives have been token over small things. Your job as president is to help citizens feel equal. 

Sincerely Myshell of Indiana