Olivia A. North Dakota

Letter to the Future President

Gun control and transgender bathroom

Dear Future President:

I, as well as a number of other Americans have questions as to what you are going to do to change some things in this country. There has been many topics that have arose, that brought some concerns to the country.

One of the many topics is gun control. This is a very big topic because about 32.4% of households carry guns, according to huffingtonpost.com. One of the biggest things a gun is used for, is protection. Intruders around the United States break into homes about 498,000 times per year, according to justfacts.com. So, why take away one of the biggest uses of protection? Also, hunting is a big part of gun control. A lot of people hunt for many different reasons. Some if it is for fun, and some of it is a connection for them to get food. How are they suppose to do that when they have no way of using guns to hunt.

Another topic that has been focused on a lot is letting transgender males/females into school bathrooms. A lot of people around the world think this is a big mistake, But also many people think that it shouldn't even be brought up because it is not that big of a deal. I, being one of those people that don't think it is a big deal at all, for many reasons. One of those reason is that people shouldn't be judged on how they want to be, or what that person does to be that specific way. It is their own body, so let them control themselves, and stop trying to control them. Also, they changed their body to that specific gender, or they see themselves as that specific gender so they shouldn't they have the same rights as that SPECIFIC gender? Another big reason on why these kids are judging is because their parents are teaching them too.

These topics are some of the important topics that are being focused on in America right now. Gun control won't stop people from doing illegal things. Also, transgenders in school bathrooms is a really big deal around the United States.