Ryan M. Georgia


What will you do about it ??

Dear Mr/Mrs. President, 

Death! What is the leading cause what is it? Knives, cars, people, maybe even fires? No the leading cause is guns. It’s time someone did something about all this death.

I know what you are thinking Mr or Mrs president “Oh young child there is something called the second amendment.” Well yes president but because of our second amendment we are losing too many people. About 12,942 Americans and of those 756 are tiny little children of ages 1-6. Those are just as of last year (2015). It’s ridiculous! How can someone lose their life especially at such a young age. I don’t know about you, but at the age of five years old I hadn’t done much and still at my age 13 I still have much to do. I know there will be some people saying “What do you mean take away our guns, it is what protects.” No actually what “protects” us is the police and the military.

Something that could be of help is if people who are “allowed” to sell should need licences. Also the people that are going to buy need to have a background check. I don’t know the mandatory necessities to sell a weapon and or gun. But i do know I could go online and buy a gun off of any online store with my mom’s credit card or my dad’s. What does that show for our country? It shows we don’t pay enough attention to what is important. At a gun store they do a background check on you, but this is how the check works. First u go to a store ask to buy this gun the owner gets your name id whatever. Second they send your id to the FBI. Thirdly and most importantly the FBI has two to three business days to give the store an answer or the store can legally sell the gun to the criminal, mentally ill person or an average Joe.

If this isn’t your main concern what is? Think about it, but not for to long, many lives are AT STAKE.


 Ryan M.