K. Indiana

Gun Control

We should have gun control in the U.S., it could save lives and lower crime rates.

Dear Mrs. Future President,

      I think gun control is reasonable for the U.S. I think that after all of the shootings and terrorism it might be a good choice to start having laws on guns. Although I still think that anyone who is responsible should still have the right to own a gun. I think that anyone who has a good record with no felonies or anything should have the right to own a gun. All in all I care about this issue because I believe it is a good choice to have laws on guns to help lower the murders by guns. Having laws on guns could help lower crime rates and lessen terrorist attacks.

      Some suggestions about gun control is to make sure that no one with a criminal record can get their hands on a gun. Also, I don't that people should get guns just for fun or just for show because they are not a toy.  Maybe we could hand out a form asking a person why they would like a gun and what they plan to do with it. For example, if they need it for self defense and hunting (as long as it's in season) they should be granted their right to a gun (if mentally stable with no criminal records). Now if someone has a mental instability then they really shouldn't be allowed to have a gun. I think that if someone wishes to have a gun they should also have a background check for an extra precaution before they are granted to the right to a gun. 

      In conclusion, I think other people should care about this issue because it could help to save lives. If we had gun control we could lower crime rates and terrorism in the U.S. Gun control doesn't mean no can have a gun(s), it just means it'll be harder for people to own a gun. People should also care because if only responsible people got a gun(s) this country would be a lot safer with less murders, terrorist attacks, robberies, etc. Gun control could change the U.S. to make it a better country.


Kyndall Key from Indiana