Mellany N. Indiana

End abortion

My article is about ending abortion

Dear future president,

The reason I care about ending aborting so much is because your ending a child's life. You could possibly put it up for adoption, or have your family help you take care of the child so you could try your hardest to be the best parent you could be even if you weren't ready. My last reason is because it was your choice to have intercourse and not use protection.

My opinion on abortion is ending it. There are many options you have. Whenever you have the kid, and still want to see it but you can't take care of it properly, the adoptive couple can allow you to have visitation  rights. If you don't want to have contact with the child then just put it up for adoption and check in once in a while whenever you feel is needed. 

The reason you should care about this issue is, if your a parent and your kid is getting an abortion, your grand kid is being killed. If you're in this situation, remember, your going to get pregnant one day and have a kid anyways. God decided to give you a kid for a reason and if he felt you couldn't handle it, he wouldn't have gave it to you. 

Sincerely, Mellany Novinger (Indiana)