Kara Indiana


Abortion laws need to be changed for better or for worse.

Dear future president,

     I have been thinking very deeply about how the United States and the pending issue of, abortion. I care about this, because if a women finds herself in a situation where she is pregnant but is not ready for that kind of responsibility. She should be able to make the choice to keep her child or not. Religion also plays a huge part. If you find yourself pregnate before you are supost to then of course you want a second chance, but on the other hand I understand that killing an unborn child could be a charge of murder, commonly 1st degree. Although this may be true, if you are not a fit mother then your baby will suffer. Also some women feel very strongly about rights about there body's.

     For those of you who believe in number, 56% of people say abortion should be legal. But 41% say no, this just comes to prove that this is a topic heavily argued about.  Only about 3% is still undecided!

     I suggest keeping abortion legal but make it harder and more expensive. For example, by raising prices on abortion pills, it will cause mothers to come up with other methods such as giving that baby up for adoption. Therefore lowering the present of pregnancys that result in abortion. This will also let women to have more freedom and rights over there body's and there lives. But on the other hand, if you choose to have an abortion then you will be taking an insistent life witch hopefully no one wants to do.

     Others should care because, children matter and are also the next generation. But if your not ready then it should be your choice. Also if you let the government control your life like that then you are giving him what he or she wants, power!

     In conclusion, I believe abortion should be legal, and you should be able to choose your own path in life. But at the same time  the rates of abortions need to go down, so trying a different method of doing so.