Max L. Iowa

Gun rights

2nd Amendment Rights & Gun Control

 Dear President of the United States,

I am writing this letter today regarding the 2nd Amendment and gun control in the United States. Gun control is a very controversial topic in the United States because of the bad reputation guns get from the media. A large majority of guns used in crimes are stolen firearms that are bought and/or sold on the black market. I think we should have more security measures in place to purchasing guns, especially for people with criminal histories. If someone has committed a serious crime, they should not be able to buy a gun for an extended amount of time. I think the recent Orlando shooting could have been easily prevented if these precautions were in place because the shooter was on the FBI watch list.

I hope that the next president takes higher precautions than President Obama has in this aspect. National security should be the top priority in our country, but yet we allow guns to get in the hands of known criminals. I think that these laws would benefit our country because it will keep guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. If we do not require background checks to purchase guns, more shootings will happen and guns will be in the hands of criminals. Further safety measures will allow Americans to protect their homes from intruders and use guns for what there purposes are rather than for crime.

In my opinion, drugs and guns can be compared in the aspect that whether they are legal or not, people will still get their hands on them. If legal, with precautions, then guns will be in the hands of law abiding citizens instead of criminals.


Max L.