Daniel G. Connecticut

Gun Control

We should have stricter gun control laws

The United States should have stricter gun control laws. We can end all the murders in our country that occur every day because of guns. It isn’t fair that someone’s life is just taken for a reason no body even knows, whether it is for something like money or just to hurt other people.

There should be more laws to help prevent the wrong people from obtaining a gun because they could use it to hurt somebody. People are being killed everyday now and it is out of control and it needs to stop. It is to easy to get a gun right now and there is really hard to tell who should or should not have them. Most of the attacks/murders that occur have legally obtained guns, which means the attackers passed whatever sort of test they needed to take to get the gun and was not recognized as someone who might use it to harm others.

Some guns are not nesessary. If you get mugged in the middle of a street at night, no one should be pulling out a shotgun and pointing it at someone’s face. And say someone goes hunting, no need for some sort of battle rifle. There are weapon CLASSES and for self defence from some guy on the street you only probably need a hand gun, and some exception should be made for hunting, and talking about hunting, who has heard of a mass murdur from a guy with a bow and arrow? You can use those to hunt too! The point is, for certain purposes, you should have restrictions and most people would only really need a handgun to defend themselves and for example, it’s rare to even see police with anything more than a handgun, so why should some random guy have some huge weapon either?

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English 113

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