Tanner G. Indiana

Stop Animal Abuse

Stop animal abuse from dog fight to testing make up on monkeys. Better Zoo habitats and keep animals off of streets.

Many people abuse animals each and every day and we don´t even notice it. The person down the street could be a dog fighter and you may not even notice. Or possibly you just walk by a cat that is limping down the sidewalk. Have you ever gone to a Zoo a wondered a why an animal so massive is in such a small cage in the middle of the city? 

Those who harm animals that have done nothing should be sentenced to jail. Animals should be taken off the street and change all of the Zoo habitats to be bigger. We should have multiple sanctuaries for many animals to roam free as if in the wild. As of 2016 a certain species of rhinos are now extinct and if we keep going with this abuse we may not have any animals left to love.