Ethan Robinson

My letter to the President.

This is my letter.

My letter to the President

Dear President

The presidency is not about who you are; it’s about what you do. I’m talking major issues of the United States of America, drugs, abortion, tax policies, foreign policies. There are issues in America that are like holes that keep growing and growing. Someone needs to find these holes, find the biggest one, and sew it back together. Then move on to the next hole. Identifying the biggest hole is something I cannot help you with. No matter what your religion, race, or sex, you can make this country a better place. This is what you are President for! You can take action and influence or make some of the biggest decisions that America has to make. Be warned, you can also make the world a worse place. Work hard, and I mean really hard. This might be the hardest 4-8 years of your life, But if you work hard, you will better the Earth.

Ask yourself this: did you join the presidency to become recognized or famous? To get rich? Or did you come to be President and make America a place that is free of worry? Because if you came for that then I can guarantee that you will be honored for being President.


Ethan Robinson