david v. Washington

guns are good for self defense

guns are good for self defense so don't take guns away.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

I think it’s okay for people to have guns in their house because people have been committing crimes and using guns recklessly and others need guns for self defense.

Will a gun make you safer? Most people think so according to recent studies, 63% of people believe having a gun in there house will make them safer and 56% think the country would be safer if more people carried guns (“The Truth about Guns and Self Defense”). This shows that guns make people feel more safe.

An FBI study of 160 active-shooter events between 2000 and 2013 found seven incidents in which an armed civilian shot the gunman and ended the rampage. (“The Truth about Guns and Self Defense”) This is important because it stopped active shooters from killing more people and it also helped police do their jobs. I think that there should be more armed civilians on the streets to stop muggers and robbers and just criminals in general.

Some people think that civilians should not have guns for self defense.for example,“Of course guns are dangerous. We use them in war to kill people. Gun are also the cause of thousands of deaths every year. It is safe to say that guns cause more problems than good in our society. This is why I do not have a problem with those that want stricter gun laws” (Debate.org). I think this is wrong because I believe that guns are good in our society because some people use their guns for things for other things and not just criminal acts. There are hunters , armed civilians and people that just have them laying around their house and to take their guns would not be fair.

People should be allowed to have guns in their homes for protection and peace of mind from active shooters. So i hope that as president you will not take guns from good people who will use them for protection and sport.

Sincerely, DJ