Kole J. Idaho

Gun Control

To many people die in gun related deaths. This needs to stop, so we need to enforce stricter gun control laws.

Dear Future President,

Babies, children, women, and men are dying from guns! How long can we go on with accidental shootings, terrorist attacks, and so on. Better gun control laws will prevent these horrible deaths.

When I read on the article called, “San Bernardino shooting: Who were the victims?” by Faith Karimi the CNN website, where the terrorists killed 14 people. I felt sad for the families of all who were involved in the attack. I was worried it could happen at my school or my church. What would happen if a mentally ill person got a hold of a gun. This made me to start to think about gun control.

I believe too many people die in America from guns. According to the article, “Gun Violence by The Numbers”, “There are up to 11,000 gun related deaths a year in America”. If we could pass gun control laws that would take away the guns there would be no gun related deaths. In Australia when they inforced gun control laws gun related deaths reduced by 59%. So Mr. or Mrs. President will you take gun control into consideration or will you have thousands of people die each year.

Every day men, women and children die for no reason. To support my statement, Charu Kukreja in the article “The Big Issues of the 2016 Presidential Election and Where the Candidates Stand”, ”They are about 30 people who die from gun related deaths each day.” How can as a nation allow this to go on.

Imagine if gun control could save your child's life. There could be no accident with a gun if there was no guns in the house. According to Adam Lidgett in the article, “Accidental Gun Deaths Involving Children Are A Major Problem In The US”, “about 265 children under 18 picked up a firearm and shot someone by accident” in the year 2015. Over half these children shot by accident died. Have you ever worried about your children being in shot by accident in his or her friends home? Well you wouldn’t have to if there was better gun control.

I know people will say you need to guns to protect yourself, to protect the united states, and to protect our democracy. But who are really protecting, the gun manufacturers who make millions each year. If you have no guns, then each every person can walk the street in freedom and have need to protect themselves.

``I will state this question to you: do you want to reduce death in an America?. If you do make gun control happen you could stop these needless deaths, 11,000 per year, on American soil. I trust in you Mr. or Mrs. President to make the right choice of enforcing gun control laws.



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