Joselyn M. Pennsylvania


My letter is about immigration and what we should fix about it. I am a student at SLA-MS. This issue is important to me because part of my family have gone through bad times wtih immigration.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

I have been doing research on immigration, and there is something wrong that no one understands. Here is some information I have learned about immigration that people don't know.

What I have learned about immigration during my research is thousands and millions of children might get separated from their families and some families can't get passports for their children because of their young age. When you are 16 and up you can get a passport but some kids are just too young and even I am too young for a passport, so i can’t go with my family. Imagine a world of sadness and anger. We will all be in danger without our parents. Our families need to be together to make the world a better place.

People who come here help us raise more money not less more. Each day those people try and try to help by working night and day and day and night. They don’t care if they are a little tired like my mom who works hard to keep this country a place with enough money. Even other people who work hard like my mom…..Like you ...the president ….you take an important role here in the U.S.A.

This problem must be solved and i don’t want immigration to get out of hand and make it even harder to solve. I hope this letter makes you think strong about immigration.


Joselyn M.

From 5th grade at SLA-MS