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immigration is the most important issue in this election days because is about people's rights. and how does immigration helps america's future?

Dear Mr. / Mrs. Future President,

My name is Sandy Thabet, I am a freshman schooler in stem high school. Every year, many numbers of immigrants come to United States of America (U.S.A.) from all around the world and leaving their hometowns to have better lives and better education. But some americans argue about allowing immigrants in the America because they made it worse. But I have been thinking of their argument that does immigration have been benefit or detriment to the U.S.A. for the past years. I would like you to know that immigration is not an issue or bad idea for America's future, its economic, or its trade with other foreign countries. Because the U.S. were built on immigrants, their hard work to get money for their individuals or to live better with their family. And they are humans like us even if they illegal or legal. And as a experience of an immigrant to America and my family, I found immigration is not that easy for the beginners to america because we have to leave our families, friends, and my parents leave their jobs to make better lives to us (children) and having better education system than being in schools forcing to take things about religious classes different from our own religion. The immigration would reform the economic growth, increase U.S. employment and raise wages. I suggest from the future president to not block the walls of immigration to the people and especially mexico but to support them and give them more opportunities to come america. I think it will work because that more people and children who come from other countries to the U.S. can help America economic growth faster by the increasing employers and the children will have a good education to improve the technologies, trade, accountings, and more opportunities of jobs to the U.S.future. As a conclusion, more immigrants major goals coming to the U.S. is to have freedom, find a better jobs for high payments, children will be able to have a good education, and to escape from any religious violation or from the basics poor lives in their hometowns. So as a future president, you should support their needs and give them time to gain and achieve their goal for their family or to help any of their relatives around the world having a hard time to live in a poor conditions.

Thank you


Sandy thabet.

STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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