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Police Brutality

Police brutality needs to be resolved quickly.

Dear Next President,

I am a citizen of the United States. I’m sure that you get a lot of complaints about police brutality and violence over all. But my question is how do you plan to solve this issue? Since last year of 2015, 3x more black people were killed by police than whites, and 30% of black victims were unarmed says Samuel Sinyangwe. I don’t understand how you expect people to be safe in their community if they are being killed by the ones who are supposed to be protecting and serving them. Now with the young boys of the ages 3 and up, how will you explain what happened to their brother, uncles, dads, or cousins? There should be no reason that men needs to be killed when they are unarmed. Some way or somehow this situation needs to stop before it becomes more than what it was.

The more and more this situation continues the more negative tension will happen. Riots have been happening but it’s gonna become more than that. There was one time where people were shooting back at cops and one of them died. This is making the situation bad more. I see wars coming later in the future. I don’t know how you gonna plan to stop that if does happen but this need to have a end put to it. One solution that can prevent from more killing is Teaching officers to know when to shoot. This will be a excellent solution in order to have more lives lived. If you think about it, cops will tell someone to do something and when they start to reach they think they will pull out a gun and instantly shoot. For example, this guy was shot and killed in front of his girlfriend and four year old daughter for pulling out his license. The cop told him to do so and as he was reaching he shot him four times. I don’t see the point of cases like this. I hope you find a way to control this because ALL LIVES MATTER.

It’s like the police are abusing their power way too much. There has been many innocent lives lost because police don’t know how use the power the right way. They will kill ones that stay to themselves instead of the ones who are actually out here committing crime. There was mother who throat was slashed open and they still yet haven’t caught the man that killed her. Now her 11 year old daughter has to live the rest of her life without her mom by her side. Just like other people who were family members of the victims that has been killed by police. Now I know that police didn’t kill that girl mom, but what I’m trying to say right now is that police are always in a hurry to try and kill people who are innocent instead of people who are doing the crimes. This part needs to be added because it seems like police are targeting victims who is not doing nothing wrong.

So far in 2016, 738 people has been killed by police. In 2015, police killed at least 102 unarmed black people. Now blacks aren’t the only ones being killed by them. There has been whites also but the point that people are trying to make is that blacks have been killed more than whites. A victim that I believe didn’t deserve to die was Alton Sterling. He was standing in front of store selling cd’s. After the two officers showed up on the scene, they commanding him to get on the ground and pulled guns out on him. One officer tackled him to the ground and forced Alton head on the ground while the other pointed a gun to him and shot him. This was no no need for. His wife and oldest stood on the stand and was going the pain of the man they loved. It was hard to watch the young man cry the way he did and now he has to live the rest of his life with no father.

This is supposed to be a world where people should be able to feel safe and have the freedom to do what they want. There should be a way that police approach people. As I said before, police and us as people need to respect each other. If an officer confronts someone in a wrong unmannerly way, then people have the right to feel the way they feel. But at the same time it should be vice versa with people confronting people. President, I don’t know how you feel about police brutality but one thing I can say is that people around the world are really heart broken. It’s not just happening in Philadelphia, this is also in other cities and countries. Something needs to give and give quickly because I can assure you that it’s gonna be worse than that just riots. You seen videos with people holding “Black Live Matter” band. Do you think all lives matter? If so then stop this brutality and stand up to these officers and let them witness what they are doing and see how families feel about the lost life of someone important to them. 

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