Marla O. Pennsylvania

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

I hope that you read my letter and make a difference to the world because we all help each other.

Dear Next President,

My name is Marla Ogando and I’m from Haiti, today I am living in Philadelphia and go to school at Olney Charter High School. I’ve experienced a lot since I came here, also it’s a big difference where I am from and where I am living today. In fact I would like to make one major difference, which is poverty and the suffering that’s going on and we don’t really see it. Also that difference can change the world and people can live in peace with no suffering.

What do you know about poverty the suffering that they face? Well let me tell you a story about poverty and how it feels like in my country. When the earthquake happened in Haiti everybody was in a harsh place didn’t have a shelter, food, everyone was fighting to survive. In fact part of my family went through that and it was painful, I wanted to do something about it but I couldn’t. What hurts the most is that my brother’s godfather was vanished during the poverty. Moreover that’s something I don’t want to happened, also that was aching day for us. My point is poverty is a hurtful words that can brought tears to people.

Imagine that you were suffering with no food or water, how would you feel. Also people are struggling but yet they keep a tenacity to what they have left. I can’t live without food and neither can you because our body need to be healthy. In fact kids are crying everyday for the same thing and every time I see their tears that makes me want to help more but I can’t do it alone. For instance the more we help them the better, people don’t need to suffer like we can’t do anything about it. My Mother went through something like that and I couldn’t help her so I don’t want to see anybody else go through something so painful like that. We desperately need to help them because they can’t take it anymore. To illustrate my point poverty shouldn’t exist because it’s tender that people are dying which a nightmare.

Moreover about 21,000 people die every day of hunger and the children die most often. There plenty of food in the world for everyone, but the main problem is that hungry people are trapped in dreadful poverty that they can’t escaped alone. I know we can aid them and give them strength and courage not to give up on themselves. Also over 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. In fact to me that's a struggle because they can't buy enough food with that kind of money and their life aren't getting better like this. That's why we can help them from their suffering.

What is poverty? To me poverty is hunger, suffering, being sick, fear, losing a child to illness, powerlessness, no freedom. Poverty has many faces and can describe many ways. So poverty is a call to action and a call to change the world tomorrow and help each other because we all human being, and we can put an end to the suffering that people has faced. Therefore poverty is an invisible conflict that people want to escape but they can't. They don’t know how to do it and they might think there's no way and no point of surviving because they had enough. I know we can show them there's a possible way of living with NO suffering and enough food to eat every day.

To conclude, poverty isn’t something that just happened and it can be changed because we all one and we help each other in need. In addition poverty is something that can be stop no matter what the consequence is, I know we can stop poverty because we can collaborate and make changes. Also the world needs the change for everybody because people don’t need to suffer anymore and people can change someone’s life for the best. In fact just one change can make a big difference to people and suffering can come to an end, also poverty need to be decrease for all of us, for people can get enough food and other things. All I’m asking is to think about this and make a difference.