Greg Georgia

Reduce Gun Rights

Innocent people are losing their lives every day because of guns.

Dear Next President,

What do you see every day when you turn on the news? I know what I see; I see people misleading firearms. I see innocent people losing their lives everyday because of guns.  It's time for gun violence to stop.  Who else are you going to let die? It could be your kids or a family member.

Gun control is a serious issue in this county that needs to be solved. We all know that it is a right for citizens in the U.S.A to bear arms, but this needs to be resolved. 319 million people are in the U.S.A, and 371 million firearms are owned by citizens. There are 319 million people in the U.S, so why does each citizen need more than one firearm? This is very important since the crime rate is going up, because of murders that happen with guns. This means that as the future president, you should reduce gun rights to protect citizens.

There are some ways that we can decrease gun violence. They are making smart guns, which means that it is only valuable to the person who bought the firearm. This stops people from selling it illegally or someone stealing the gun. Another way is to reduce the legality of guns. The reason the crimes are happening is because of how you let the citizens buy guns. Also, you could tighten the restriction on gun sales because if they are allowed to buy it easy then everybody can have guns, which is bad.

Future President, this is a serious issue that needs to be solved. People are dying everyday because of guns. Please take action on this problem. It will make everybody's life better.  Thank you for reading my letter and please take action.

Sincerely, Greg