Madison H. Pennsylvania

Exploiting Our Foreigners

Discrimination against Immigrants

Dear Future Mr. or Mrs. President,

Immigration is a big topic that is discussed all throughout America. I notice that there is discrimination against immigrants all of the time. This has started back to when immigrants began settling into America in the early 1900s. We were already a free country (est. 1776) ,but that does not mean other countries and areas were free. Even though this discrimination is something that started over one hundred years ago, and it is still a problem. I believe that this is something that you as President along with the American Citizens can solve. This a situation I personally believe that it is unjust for these immigrants to experience. We can’t make these jokes and discriminate them, but also have them work for us, particularly in the jobs that we do not want to do. It is shown in our history that we have passed the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1952 which made all legal immigrants eligible to receive the same government benefits as citizens. This law is something that immigrants have benefited from, but I believe that this is not enough for them. Over time, this law has not done anything for our immigrants pertaining to discrimination. They are still discriminated when they are trying to apply for jobs, go to certain schools, and in many other public places in America. I believe that immigrants are one of the reasons why social identities have been impacted by race because they are considered outsiders by the Americans because they were not born here. We discriminate due to our belief that Americans are perfect within ourselves and we are not a very welcoming to certain foreigners settling here because we are scared. We are scared that they may cause problems for America. It is appropriate that immigrants have to become citizens of the United States so those issues and situations that are in different countries do not become problems in the United States. I believe that everyone should have a chance to show that they are worthy of being an American if they have a clear background history. My question regarding this is why are we exploiting immigrants when they want jobs that we Americans do not want? I believe that under your power we can help the immigrants become more welcomed and we can use their talents to help America become great! I ask that you future Mr. or Mrs. President will let them in. They are humans just like us and their goal is to give their families a better life. I hope that you help stop discrimination and hate that these immigrants are experiencing that makes them feel un-welcomed. Here in America, we are a free country and we should be welcoming to them as long as they are not a threat to this country. We can help them by giving them a home, giving them freedom, and making America great!

Respectfully From,


Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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