Queren Quinn Pennsylvania

Being a different Sex or Heritage should not define the way you are treated

Immigration and Sexism are problems in the United States that should be changed, after all this country's motto is liberty and justice for all.

Dear Next President,

      Throughout time people have stopped believing in the American Dream. America has turned so bitter, non-altruistic,insipid, and arrogant. Maybe not as a whole but some of its ideas and characteristics are ruining the reputation of America in such a way some people are now considering America a joke. Knowing we can’t fix America's problems in a day, we can absolutely fix the problems one by one. I hope to bring awareness to you as I discuss the issues of Immigration and Feminism that we work to change. Two topics that I myself not only have quite the aversion towards, but are also issues that can be solved with a less complicated approach. Both topics, immigration, and feminism have been around for so long it’s hard to even find the start of it.They are not only key issues in America but are such conservative issues that have stuck around for too long. At time drastic measures don’t make the bigger change, on the contrary, smaller measure do. These issues could be solved if we chose to be progressive, we don’t need to start a war within in the people (figuratively) or change things overnight, we can change these issues by simply making small changes, like putting it out there that it’s wrong and unnecessary.

       The U.S is not really conservative, however, when it comes to certain issues like immigration, it is an annoyingly redundant issue that can be solved with an open mind and logical strategies. Immigrants built this country, a quick example such as how Chinese immigrants built the railroads running across the sprawling can be given, and it's not fair that immigrants are treated the way they are. I understand manny happen to be illegal, however, they could be given a better reputation than the one they’ve been given by the people as criminals and thieves. It's time xenophobia stays in the past, at least to the point where it's not a major issue, it will never truly go away because of people and their beliefs, however, with hard work we can remove it from our government. Like involving a more diverse body in government and give more rights and help to foreign people in our country. Many will argue that immigrants hurt America in several ways, however, when one takes the time to research on the matter, one finds immigrants engender more good things than they are credited for. Immigrants are accused of stealing jobs from Americans, however, one does not steal a job, one earns the jobs. The jobs are here and they're not going anywhere, the only thing that changes is that the Immigrant won the job over an American. Being the reason why many think immigrants are bad for the economy, the belief that when immigrants “steal” the jobs of Americans, then the Americans can’t contribute to the economy. But just like Chief Executive Officer of facebook has stated: “ that to remain competitive in the global economy, the U.S. must not only invest more in education but also make it easier for foreign-born, high-skilled immigrants to work for U.S. companies.”. Meaning that not only do immigrants help the U.S in an economy but also bring more business to America. Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Muhtar Kent has supported this fact in the past, stating he thinks immigration reform is good for business, insisted that “we need to make it easier for committed, highly skilled people to make their lives and livelihoods here.”

     Immigrants have helped build this country to this day, yet taking into consideration of how bad immigrants are looked upon, it gets worse when they’re of the female gender. Not only is being an immigrant in this country an issue but so is being a woman. Just like with immigrants woman are seen as though they are not capable of benefiting America in different ways such as in business, in the economy and more. Woman work as hard if not more than men. Gender should not affect how much respect you get, it should not limit one certain gender to do certain things. Indeed both opposing genders, male and female have different hormones and physical characteristics, yet both genders can achieve anything. Take WWII for example, the woman took over this country's factories and overall jobs, they kept the country going as men fought in the war. A woman can achieve anything just like men, against all odds. Like feminist Emma Watson stated “ feminism by definition is: “The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes”. Feminism is not supported by women who hate men or hate wearing high heels, it is created by the belief of equality in genders. In 1995, Hillary Clinton made a famous speech in Beijing about women’s rights. Sadly many of the things she wanted to change are still a reality today, due to people's ignorance and beliefs that the female gender is weak. Emma Watson has also stated “But what stood out for me the most was that only 30 percent of her audience at a Feminist Speech Event were male. How can we affect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feel welcome to participate in the conversation?” In order to resolve sexism in business and in American society we must discern that in order to make a change in Sexism, both genders need to take part. According to the Department of labor, the job woman most occupy are secretaries and administrative assistants. Showing how women are still not in high business position and are not considered as the ones who could take charge. It is time woman gain full respect in business and in life. Women are not assistants, they are leaders.

       These issues not only matter to me because of their importance in life but because I can personally connect to them. Growing up I saw Hispanic families struggle to live in America, they were discriminated against at the store for not fully understanding English completely, being told to go back to their country and this was not their country. Other times I would witness as immigrant families we knew as family friends, lived in tiny apartments, where the parents worked all day long, so much they only saw their children when they slept, I would know I helped to babysit. Immigration is more than not liking a specific race, it’s denying someone the right to find a better life. I am requesting you the next president to encourage immigration instead of frowning down upon it, to reveal how innocuous it is, and instead express how it can embellish America and its economy can make a change. Immigrants have built this country as I’ve expressed several times before, they should have the right to do the same with their own life, have a chance to build one in this country. Just like in sexism, if women were given the respect and recognition they deserve, more changes would have been made in America. It's a shame woman are put to the side, just in 2015 according to the Department of labor women working full time in the United States were typically were just 80 percent of what men were paid, a gap of 20 percent. There should be no gap at all, women should be known for being in business, for being important in politics, for being the leaders they are. If women were given the rights men have in life and in business, sexism would not be as big of a problem as it is to this day. America is supposed to be about freedom and equality as the Declaration Of Independence states “ all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”, so why to let things like this be in the way. The people have the right to make a change, it's just that the change isn't happening because of our lawmakers and politicians, yet you can change that.

America used to be the envy of the world, the place one could dream to achieve anything they could imagine. A country cannot progress and make the best of its resources when its people are not given the right to make a change. Women and Immigrants have helped build this country throughout history, however, are some two of the most neglected groups. Everyone should be revered no matter the gender or origin. Immigrants along with woman should not be disdained and should, in fact, be revered. Many will still be ambivalent at the thought of women and immigrants to be given the rights they deserve. Such as allowing women into important parts of the business and allowing immigrants in this country become citizens and help make a change in America. Engender a new and improved American, women are not weak and simple assistants, immigrants are not stealing from Americans, they are powerful and the key to making a change, they can contribute new ideas from other countries and five a new rise to economy, if we make the change in how they are viewed at the rights they are given. When a colony of ants needs to reach a high end, the come together to build the pathway to get there, we can build our pathway to success and the pathway to be at the top of it all, all we need to do is come together instead of pushing each other down as one individual or individual group tries to get to the top.


Queren Quinn

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