Alejandro Pennsylvania

Animal Abuse has to stop

That Animal Abuse should stop because it is hurting animals and their innocent.

October 13, 2016

Dear Future President,

Did you know that another form of animal abuse in laboratory testing of animals? Animal abuse is when harm is done to incident animals. Animal abuse needs to stop. I feel upset and angry when animals are abused. Animals have no say since they do not have a voice and some people think it is okay to hurt them.

If you hurt animals you can get a $5000 fine. I want better laws to support animal abuse. I want higher fines and more money invested in community service programs to support animals finding better homes and funding to help educate people in knowing the harmfulness and ways in animals are abused so we can act on stopping it.

In conclusion, I hope you, as the future president, do something about animal abuse and you consider my ideas for eliminating animal abuse in this country.