Timothy G.

College Costs Are Skyrocketing!

In this letter I implore the next President to lower college cost before it turns into an even bigger problem in the United States. I ask the next president to help me and our future generations students take control of their futures.

Dear Next President,

For this generation college cost is one of the many problems facing young people in the United States, with annual tuition for a 4-year college being $18,943 according to topuniversities.com. Many high school students such as myself worry about how we will pay for college. Even after scholarships students are still forced to pay thousands of dollars. Many students just don’t even go to college simply because they can’t afford it, and for the people who do take out loans they are in debt for years and years after college. The one thing I’m asking you for is to at least consider lowering college cost, so that people at least get the chance to make something out of themselves.

The reason I want you to lower college cost is for the simple fact that you’re letting young bright minded students to not achieve their full potential due to money. Money shouldn’t be the reason some people are barely getting by while others are thriving. “600,000 students had to be turned down by community colleges just because of cost”(Kelly 1). It honestly shouldn’t be but sadly it is. I live in a generation where even the brightest minds aren’t even guaranteed a good education and it isn’t their fault their parents can’t pay or that supposedly free-public college isn’t even free (Kelly 1) . Free- public college isn’t what it’s thought out to be, it has to be fixed.

Therefore college cost are holding back our students. I get that it’s not the easiest situation so fix, but I believe people at least deserve a chance. I know a college education shouldn’t be given but it can be earned. For the people who do earn it should go tuition free, and for those who don’t should still go at a minimum college tuition. I know my solution has it’s flaws, but it is a start to end college cost and eventually college debt. So Mr. or Mrs. President help me shape my future. Help me take control of my education. Help America's future generations thrive. 



 Timothy Gordon