Sean Pennsylvania


People treat homeless people wrong and i want to stop it!

Date Oct. 11 2016

Dear Future President,

57% of the U.S population are homeless and we need to do something about it. I am writing you this because homeless people are treated wrong and it’s not right. I've seen it happen and it makes me really upset. I wish people would realize what homeless people go through every day.

"Homelessness is they condition of people without a permanent dwelling. Such as a house or apartment." If people don’t treat homeless people right because they look different or don’t have as much money as someone then that’s wrong. If you were on camera and been asked about homelessness would you make yourself look good? Because I think anyone will do anything to look good. Also, I think the biggest reason people become homeless is there job gets shut down or there family dies. people are also starving to death because of poverty. So because of that there are over 600,000 homeless people in the U.S.

So maybe we can get a group of volunteers to help build a college for homeless people in every city so they have a place to temporarily live until they can get a job. I think that will start to lower the percentage of homeless people in the U.S. or maybe make homes/apartments cheaper so homeless people can afford them. So I hope you take this in consideration.