Alexandra R. Missouri


Killing people is no joke.

   Dear President, 

I am a freshman in high-school, who is recently been interested in the presidential debate. The topic war is one that caught my eye. Because we are currently at war with Iraq.                                                    

This is why countries should reconsider going to war.

Common sense seems to dictate that people risk their lives in the military in order to protect their country or each other. Why can’t we have a peaceful war, instead of killing one another?   Everyone just can’t have a peaceful war or explain their situation in a crisis, some people actually enjoy killing others or just like to be corrupt. And some other countries don’t like each other, like North Korea and South Korea, or sometimes it’s just the way a country likes to run. When we go into battle and go to other countries that are causing our side to panic. Sometimes innocent lives, such as little kids, bystanders, etc are killed. Even if they have nothing to do with the battle that’s going on and they die. Just like that, not knowing if they could have a future or could make the world a better place. In the past people have tried to have a peaceful war but things didn’t work out. Image yourself in the same position a person in the military, heading to war. Or even just going somewhere and getting attacked by an airstrike. Not knowing if you were going to be able to see your family again or being the last time you’ll see them.

On June 30 2016, 10:55 AM

F. Brinley Bruton, Courtney Kube, Alastair Jamieson said "a airstrike in Iraq destroyed more than 200 vehicles that carried ISIS fighters. And it could possibly have killed all of them." 

Our blood is spilled,

Bodies lay on the ground with the nauseating scent of blood surrounding us.

The smoke around us is so thick,

You can hardly see,

Our enemy has no mercy,

I want this battle to end,

The images of gunfire and killing lives hunt me for life.

Lives are gone,

Friends are gone,

And you to are gone.

Frontier STEM High School


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