Hannah L. Indiana


I think that unless a woman is raped or the baby will harm her, she should have the baby.

Dear Future President,

Abortion is a very sketchy topic to talk about sometimes. I believe that if a woman becomes pregnant, then she should have the baby. The woman knew what the outcome could consist of, so she should live with the consequences. There are times where I feel like it would be okay to have an abortion if it's very early on in the pregnancy. If the woman is raped or if the baby will harm her or kill her they should have another option such as abortion, but not after so many months. Other than that the woman has no reason to kill the baby when she can easily go the adoption route if she chooses not to keep them.

Although I believe that a woman should always have the baby, other than those certain circumstances, I don't think the government should be involved with this decision. The government should be in charge of military, taxes, gun control, immigration, and much more, but not abortion. We should leave this up to the states to decide whether they should make abortion illegal or not. The government should have no say in this decision.