Aaron W. Georgia

Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is becoming more unfair for this country more and more every day.


Period 1


Dear Future President,

Have you ever wondered that if something went wrong you would have a fair trial? Or if the criminal got the right punishment? I believe the US government should help decrease the crime rates and help fix the criminal justice system to make you and the criminal have a fair trial and reduce the crime rates in this country. These rates are too high and need to decrease. Also in the court some trials are biased which is very unfair making a number of people very unhappy.

In the late 1800’s there were a group of women who killed a total of 331 people and one man who killed 51 people in just a few decades. It wasn’t until the 1970’s when the police finally caught them. Serial killers contribute to almost 1% of the deaths in the US. The government should help get rid of these criminals before they increase the death rates more over the years. The most common misconception is that some of these serial killers have mental diseases that cause them not to know right from wrong. Although this is true many serial killers know what they are doing, meaning that they are not insane and enjoy the outrage and fear they create coming from their victims. Many of them even have well-paying jobs to support their families.

In the criminal justice system most criminals believe that the court system is biased based on the victims’ rights. Victims believe that they should be able to tell their side of the story and go deep into detail on how the criminal affected the victim’s life and the true impact that they had on them. The problems the criminals have with that is that they believe if the victims are able to speak freely it will make the judge biased and as a result the victims will be able to take revenge rather than just merely punish them. They also believe that victims will increase the death penalty. Increasing the death penalty would be worse for this country by making more and more and that the criminal justice system does not exist to allow families to gain revenge.

Increasing the death penalty would not help anybody in this country because more people and more criminals would die causing more grief and pain for the families of the criminals. Supporting this would not be fair for the criminals who must defend themselves to save their lives. This is why we need to fix the criminal justice system and make it fair for the innocent people and the criminals on trial.