Nolan K. Kentucky

Self Defenses

Can people take away our 2nd amendment??? Maybe not, this report is mainly centered on Gun Free Zones

   Some people say it's safer to eliminate guns from everyone, well this article is completely the opposite. I am going to convince you and/or the next president that it's not okay to leave people defenseless. I hope everyone can learn as much as possible from this article...

   Guns are very important in today's society, used for defenses, hunting, and war. Some people are trying  to get rid of one of our only available defenses, by making gun free zones. Did you know that 92% of mass murders happen in Gun Free Zones, and that criminals aren't there to follow laws. Criminals don't care if it's a Gun Free Zone, they will bring a gun anyway. You want to know where they get those guns? that's right the Black Market, and people in the Black Market don't care if it's illegal either.  People need to defend themselves from those murderers, what happens if they can't... They have a 99.99% chance of getting shot.

   That being said, Gun Free Zones are more dangerous than a place with guns, the criminal won't attack because if they shoot someone then he/she knows there are people that can shoot him back. For example, if you are in a movie theater (A gun free zone) and a mass murderer comes and shoots people up, nobody has a gun, and he sits there shooting for 30 whole minutes before anyone useful comes and stops him. If people had guns in this situation, it might slim down to 30 seconds-1 minute. This could be essential to Americans lives, and the Founding Fathers didn't make the second amendment just for their sake, they knew people would need self defense.

   Most people say it's guns that kill people, well actually it's the irresponsible people that use those guns incorrectly. The Bible says, "Thou Shall Not Murder", and self defense is not murder, self defense is protecting yourself and sometimes others. Others, for example, children, as a parent you would do anything to protect your children, correct? Well, what if a person comes into your house and tries to murder your kids, would you use a gun to protect yourself and your kids? Well, maybe in a case when your not in your house or with your kids and someone tries to kill you, would you pull a gun, or get shot. In a Gun Free Zone you are forced to get the 2nd choice(Get shot). 

   To conclude this heated e-mail, I hope I've taught you something, hopefully you have figured out what our society comes down to, life. Stop the nonsense, make the criminal feel small and hopeless, defend yourself and your surroundings, this is America people, and America needs GUNS!


           Nolan K.


Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

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